Two way  Voice

Effective and reliable 2-way voice monitoring during emergencies


2-way voice monitoring

Check out our two-way voice video to find out how it works.


Voice alerts during a break-in

Notify the authorities immediately if an intruder has broken into your home, with a 2-way voice monitoring system. Alert law enforcement of any break-ins that might occur while you are away from your home and get the fast and effective response times you need to protect your home and belongings.

2-way voice monitoring is one of the most effective ways to get law enforcement and emergency services out to your premises in time to respond to a break-in.

Don’t worry about accidently setting off your security system either! A special monitoring station verifies every alarm notification by listening to what is happening in your home if an alarm has been tripped.

  • Verified alarm notifications
  • Fast response times in emergencies
  • Speak directly with our monitoring station
  • Law enforcement and other emergency services

Precise audio monitoring

Your 2-way voice monitoring system may even help you catch an intruder who has broken into your home or office and managed to get away. Extremely precise audio monitoring makes it possible to listen in to what’s happening inside your home if an alarm is tripped, which gives law enforcement enough information to narrow down its suspects.

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