DVR and NVR recorders

Video surveillance technology

NVR and DVR create an easy way to transport and share high-res data recorded from your security system. Call First Security, Inc for a consultation and discover how these devices can help recover your property or assets quicker in the case of a break-in.

DVR and NVR recorders

Video streamed directly to the storage device of your choice

First Security, Inc makes it easy for you, your security team, or the authorities to access and save the data recorded from your cameras. With both NVR and DVR capability, you can choose which type of system hardware and software serves your business's needs better.

  • Expandable and upgradeable systems
  • Remote software for remote viewing
  • Viewable from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Recorders ranging from 4 cameras to 32 cameras
  • NVR - Network Video Recording - encodes information at the camera
  • DVR - Digital Video Recording - encodes information at the storage device

Each of these cutting-edge systems offers their own benefits - call today for more information!


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