IP Cameras

Real-time video coverage from anywhere in the world

Keep an eye on your company through the use of IP cameras - state-of-the-art technology optimized for real-time interaction.


Truvision IP Cameras State of the art commercial system

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Access to your security cameras from anywhere

If you are concerned with image quality and having off-site access to your security system from First Security Inc, consider an IP (Internet Protocol) camera-based system. IP cameras send their ultra-high-res video via a secure connection to the internet. Similar to a webcam in functionality, IP cameras are designed for security use only - but the secure feed is accessible from any internet-capable device, so you can monitor your security system from anywhere.

These versatile camera systems send data via an NVR (network video recorder) and the superior image quality can assist you and the authorities in identifying intruders - with pan, zoom, and tilt capability in real-time. This type of system also ties nicely into 2-way voice monitoring - allowing you to communicate directly with one of our representatives as you both view the video, or to vocally identify individuals trying to access your property. Call today for a consultation.

  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • Fixed and covert location
  • 2-Door Base System
  • Remote viewing
  • TruPortal cameras
  • UltraView
  • TruVision
  • Infrared
  • PTZ

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